Mike Riversdale

It's been going since December 2004 that's before the iPhone and "social media", I know bloody amazing eh. There's so much in there I recommend just starting at the latest and maybe doing a search or tapping on the labels.

Public albums chock full of photos I've taken over the years covering everything imaginable ... probably.

Life in moving pictures

Your free, live and public iCal / ICS / Google Calendars with all the international men's and women's rugby fixtures including the Rugby World Cup, 6 Nations and Rugby Championship, and many more.

For my podcast listening I have a shared list, and my public music playlists.

I also post articles about the podcasts I like on my blog with the label #podcast

I use Feedly as my RSS reader and you can either get the full OPML file or see the latest best articles I've read in 5 public boards.



I help businesses to embrace technology, deliver change and achieve critical business outcomes.

If you need help guiding people from the “I can’t do that” mindset to “I can so do that!” message or email me at mike.riversdale@miramarmike.co.nz (full Contact details)