Mike Riversdale

It's been going since December 2004 that's before the iPhone and "social media", I know bloody amazing eh. There's so much in there I recommend just starting at the latest and maybe doing a search or tapping on the labels.

Public albums chock full of photos I've taken over the years covering everything imaginable ... probably.

Life in moving pictures

For my podcast listening I have a shared list, and my public music playlists.

I also post articles about the podcasts I like on my blog with the label #podcast

I use Feedly as my RSS reader and you can either get the full OPML file or see the latest best articles I've read in 5 public boards.

I build teams that create, deliver and manage the change needed to solve real problems. 
My vision is for tech to make a meaningful impact on solving real problems in our world.

Background and Experience ~ Endorsements

Mike Riversdale