Mike Riversdale

Malarkey from Miramar in Wellington, New Zealand

Public albums chock full of photos I've taken over the years covering everything imaginable ... probably.

Life in moving pictures


I help businesses to embrace technology, deliver change and achieve critical business outcomes.

If you need help guiding people from the “I can’t do that” mindset to “I can so do that!” message or email me at mike.riversdale@miramarmike.co.nz (full Contact details)

My Reading and Listens

I use Feedly as my RSS reader and this is my latest OPML file you can import if you're looking for new reads: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xYa7myONwt71j1kjDzDY-VsD6eF78DRB

For my podcast listening I use Pocketcasts and my current subscriptions are: https://lists.pocketcasts.com/8c14014a-5a83-401a-8e77-c78cf523a420 (there is an OPML file you can get from that page)

Your free, live and public iCal / Google Calendar with all the international rugby fixtures and results including the Rugby World Cup, 6 Nations and Rugby Championship (ex-Tri-Nations) and many more.